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TnT has done 3 projects for us and we are totally thrilled with the results. They are great to followup and see that it is perfect! All materials that went into each project were top notch!

- Nona, Albany

Mar 12

TnT Builders Remodel

In construction, when we are building big, solid structures it’s easy to believe they will last a lifetime. Strong footings, heavy walls, and a comforting space allows us to think that what we’re doing is permanent, everlasting. But inevitably after five or ten years, we look at the structure and we realize that it needs a little fixing up. Maybe just a coat of paint or some new décor. So we do a bit of work and convince ourselves once again that we’ll love it forever.

But ten more years pass and we finally accept that the structure is really outdated so we take on a major remodel. New flooring, appliances, or cabinetry, maybe even a whole addition – it’s a lot of work but once we finish we can sit back and relax, happy once again.

And many times we settle in and enjoy that remodeled structure for a very long time. But in some cases, we come to the awareness that it’s just time to move on. The old structure just doesn’t work anymore; there’s not enough room or it’s in the wrong location. Sometimes the only thing to do is just let it go and make a new start elsewhere.

TnT Builders and the story of Trish and Trent has been a solid structure for many people for a long time, providing security, comfort, and a place to call home. But like many structures, it’s time for some repairs and unfortunately the structure we built just doesn’t fit for everyone anymore. So with a lot of thought and an immense amount of sadness, Trent and I have decided it’s time make a change.

We built TnT to support ourselves and our family. And over the years, we’ve also had the privilege of supporting other families and connecting with hundreds of wonderful people. We have fought hard to maintain the foundation of our family, but as the years have passed, we may just have used up all our time together in one structure. Our next remodel project won’t be a deck or patio cover, a kitchen or bath – it will be ourselves, individually.

TnT Builders will continue on with Trent at the helm. Trent & Team are still going to be producing amazing outdoor living projects, exactly what TnT is known for. And I will be working on building my own new structure – nobody knows yet what that will look like but watch for me to create something new & exciting, that fits just right.

- Trish

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