Jul 24

Taking your backyard BBQ to the next level

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Impress your friends and neighbors this summer with a pig roast!

There are many ways to roast a whole pig, but we love these DIY roasting pit instructions from Field and Stream. The nice thing about this backyard pit is that it sets up and tears down quickly so it makes a great solution if you don’t have room to permanently keep a pig-sized BBQ in your yard.

Supplies you’ll need:
– A pig!
– cinder blocks
– grate or grill to rest pig on (reinforced with rebar as needed)
– heavy-duty aluminum foil
– gloves
– firewood or charcoal briquettes

This great graphic from Field and Stream shows you how to layer all your supplies:
Albany Oregon Deck Companies

Halfway through the cooking time you’ll want to flip your pig over. Make sure to generously baste the pig with your favorite BBQ sauce throughout the entire cooking process. Dinner is ready when the internal temperature of the ham reaches 180 degrees.

Have you ever roasted a whole pig? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know what cooking method you went with – make sure to share a photo if you have one!

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