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We love the patio cover and are very happy with the design and thankful for your input. Something smaller and less expensive would have worked, but what we have is fabulous, solid, stately. Well worth it.

Weiwei didn’t meet any of the guys, but she was impressed with how everything was cleaned up every day so that aside from seeing the work that was done, we couldn’t tell they had been here.

I was also very happy with everyone who was here and I felt totally confident in the lead builder on site. He was friendly and helpful and let me know what was going on whenever I asked. If I have to pay someone for working on our house, I’m happy to pay people who I like.

- Rob, Monmouth

Apr 4

How to Throw a Buy-Local Party!

We love Rickard Engineering’s “Buy Local” sign! At TnT, we’re passionate about being a part of our community, and the Willamette Valley has turned out to be pretty great place to live and work!

We want to throw a Buy-Local party, celebrating Oregon!


There are a number of great places to find delicious drinks locally. Deluxe Brewing and Sinister Distilling produces a Pre-Prohibition pilsner, Amber Lager and Schwarzbier and seasonals, including a Helles Bock and Dunkel. Their whiskey will be available this summer!

We’re also lucky to have a fantastic hard cider producer, based in Corvallis. 2 Towns Ciderhouse’s aim is Damn Fine Cider!


The Albany and Corvallis Farmer’s Markets start up April 19th. Find delicious, fresh, and local treats every week!

Albany Farmers’ Market: 4th & Ellsworth, Saturdays, 9 AM to 1 PM

Corvallis Farmers’ Market: 1st & Jackson, Saturdays & Wednesdays, 9 AM to 1 PM

Short on time? Find a locally-owned restaurant to cater your party!


Lighting is essential for any get together. It helps set the mood for your party.

If you’re looking for a permanent setup or a temporary solution for a party, consider calling J & J Electric . However, if something more spontaneous is your style, you can create your own setup with a string of lights and some transparent decor. Check out the Albany Habitat for Humanity ReStore or your favorite local thrift shop!


Beaver, Ducks, Bean Bag, TnT Builders

Complete your Buy-Local Party with some fun Oregon-themed activities.

Have your guests compete in a Beavers vs. Ducks bean bag toss. Or play your own game of Oregon Trivia!

We love outdoor entertaining! Whether you throw a Buy-Local party or a simple BBQ with family, post a picture on our Facebook page !

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