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We love the patio cover and are very happy with the design and thankful for your input. Something smaller and less expensive would have worked, but what we have is fabulous, solid, stately. Well worth it.

Weiwei didn’t meet any of the guys, but she was impressed with how everything was cleaned up every day so that aside from seeing the work that was done, we couldn’t tell they had been here.

I was also very happy with everyone who was here and I felt totally confident in the lead builder on site. He was friendly and helpful and let me know what was going on whenever I asked. If I have to pay someone for working on our house, I’m happy to pay people who I like.

- Rob, Monmouth

Feb 20

Going Up! Deck sizes are on the rise!

Trex Transcend deck with 12 foot octagon gazebo cover in Eugene, TnT Builders Inc, Albany

Here’s some fun deck news sent to us from Trex!

The big trend in decks is their ballooning size, deck builders and decking manufacturers agree.

“People are wanting to extend the indoor living space to the outside,” says Stephens, owner of Archadeck of West Central & Southwest Ohio. “Inside, you have a dining room, kitchen, living room, and family room. We’re designing the same things in the deck: an area for dining, a sitting or socializing area, and then a cooking area.”

The 200-square foot deck is increasingly looking like a relic of the past as homeowners push for more outside living space, and remodelers and builders line up to accommodate them.

Even a big deck shouldn’t have any wasted space. It can be time-consuming to design each section of the deck so it caters to the homeowner’s plan for using it (but it’s totally worth it!)

Remodelers and builders (that’s us!) can provide their clients the best plans and designs for their needs, as well as offer advice on which of the latest decking materials are well-suited for creating the curves, niches, railings and staircases that are the signatures of oversized outdoor rooms. We can help you decide where to put the outdoor kitchen appliances, weather-resistant countertop materials, built-in grills, fireplaces, and hot tubs that make the outdoor living space as accommodating and luxurious as the space inside the home.

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