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We love the patio cover and are very happy with the design and thankful for your input. Something smaller and less expensive would have worked, but what we have is fabulous, solid, stately. Well worth it.

Weiwei didn’t meet any of the guys, but she was impressed with how everything was cleaned up every day so that aside from seeing the work that was done, we couldn’t tell they had been here.

I was also very happy with everyone who was here and I felt totally confident in the lead builder on site. He was friendly and helpful and let me know what was going on whenever I asked. If I have to pay someone for working on our house, I’m happy to pay people who I like.

- Rob, Monmouth

Jul 15

Corvallis Oregon Screened Patio Cover

We built this patio cover in Corvallis for a customer what wanted to be able to enjoy her back yard with out having to ‘enjoy’ the summer bugs. Oregon Screen Crafts custom made these screens for the project. They can be easily pulled out if the home owner ever wants to remove them, but the rest of the time they do a great job letting fresh air in and keeping pests out. A great way to enjoy a BBQ yellow jacket free!

Screened Patio Covers

Screened Patio Covers

Screened Patio Covers

Screened Patio Covers

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