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“My husband and I are truly enjoying our deck. We love it! TnT Builders did a phenomenal job on our deck! The design, the construction, the detailing, it’s all amazing and we will recommend TnT Builders to all our friends!”

-Tina L., Corvallis

Mar 12

TnT Builders Remodel

In construction, when we are building big, solid structures it’s easy to believe they will last a lifetime. Strong footings, heavy walls, and a comforting space allows us to think that what we’re doing is permanent, everlasting. But inevitably after five or ten years, we look at the structure and we realize that it needs a little fixing up. Maybe just a coat of paint or some new décor. So we do a bit of work and convince ourselves once again that we’ll love it forever.

But ten more years pass and we finally accept that the structure is really outdated so we take on a major remodel. New flooring, appliances, or cabinetry, maybe even a whole addition – it’s a lot of work but once we finish we can sit back and relax, happy once again.

And many times we settle in and enjoy that remodeled structure for a very long time. But in some cases, we come to the awareness that it’s just time to move on. The old structure just doesn’t work anymore; there’s not enough room or it’s in the wrong location. Sometimes the only thing to do is just let it go and make a new start elsewhere.

TnT Builders and the story of Trish and Trent has been a solid structure for many people for a long time, providing security, comfort, and a place to call home. But like many structures, it’s time for some repairs and unfortunately the structure we built just doesn’t fit for everyone anymore. So with a lot of thought and an immense amount of sadness, Trent and I have decided it’s time make a change.

We built TnT to support ourselves and our family. And over the years, we’ve also had the privilege of supporting other families and connecting with hundreds of wonderful people. We have fought hard to maintain the foundation of our family, but as the years have passed, we may just have used up all our time together in one structure. Our next remodel project won’t be a deck or patio cover, a kitchen or bath – it will be ourselves, individually.

TnT Builders will continue on with Trent at the helm. Trent & Team are still going to be producing amazing outdoor living projects, exactly what TnT is known for. And I will be working on building my own new structure – nobody knows yet what that will look like but watch for me to create something new & exciting, that fits just right.

- Trish

Jan 22

TnT Builders Wins 2017 Angie's List Super Service Award!

We are excited to announce that we are once again winners of the 2017 Angie’s List Super Service Award! We work incredibly hard to make sure our customers love their new outdoor living space…and that they also loved working with us! Thank you to everyone who gave us such glowing reviews!
Check out our Angie’s List Page.

Jan 8

Labor Shortage Crisis

Have you been frustrated with rising costs of construction and longer waiting time for project completion? The reason is the increasing construction boom with a massive skilled labor shortage…and it’s only going to get worse. While 1.6 million new skilled labor workers will be needed in the next few years, currently 75% of construction companies report having trouble finding qualified skilled laborers.

It All Started With The 2008 Recession

Dave Henderer, president of Henderer Design + Build, explains, “I believe that since the great recession, people have left the trade work force and very few have returned. Couple that with the fact that we’ve taken shop classes out of schools, young people are no longer being exposed to the trades- or even the idea of working with their hands.

“All of this adds up to a shortage of qualified people in the trades. Our work is not something that you can simply hire anyone off the street and expect them to be able to produce at a level that our company is known for; often-times, it will take 3 or 4 hires before we actually find someone with the skills and mindset that is a good fit for our company. This is leading to longer wait times for our clients as it’s become difficult to find new, qualified staff.”

Construction is Booming Without Qualified Laborers

Laura Evans, owner of Renaissance Roofing, explains why quality roofing contractors are so booked, “The amount of construction jobs in the United States is bouncing back to higher levels than we’ve seen in years; however the amount of workers is not growing with the same momentum.

“This is taking its toll on contractors like us who are trying to meet demand while maintaining a qualified and quality workforce. Refusing to sacrifice quality has meant that jobs are taking longer and the waiting list is growing. The shortage is limiting what contractors are able to do and the amount of work they are able to take on.”

Many High Paying Skilled Labor Jobs, But Few Takers

Laura Evan again explains, “With a plethora of guaranteed well-paying jobs in the construction field, it is strange that no one is taking them. High schoolers are being prepared and pushed towards college, regardless of whether or not that is the best option for them. In recent years, blue collared jobs have gained a bad reputation and are seen as a backup option in many cases.

“We are calling for a change in attitude towards construction and roofing jobs. It is becoming apparent that the long wait times and shortages are not sustainable and not fair to our customers.”

Lack of Skilled Laborers Leads to Higher Construction Costs

Trish Irwin, owner of TnT Builders, says, “While we are proud to be able to offer high paying jobs with full benefits to skilled laborers, the shrinking pool of qualified skilled laborers has thrown the construction industry out of balance. In order to maintain our high level of quality, we are having to pay more labor costs. We are having to pay higher wages to keep qualified and skilled laborers, and having to hire less skilled and less qualified laborers.

“Hiring unskilled laborers leads to increased training times, higher turnover rates, slower production, and less safe working conditions. Ultimately all of this leads to unnecessarily higher constructions costs to the customer.”

How You Can Help

First, you can promote the skilled trades among students. The Albany Area Chamber of Commerce has developed Pipeline, which helps graduating students and skilled labor employers easily find each other; you can find more information at the Albany Chamber Pipeline.

Second, if you know of someone who is looking for a great paying job, have them apply to one of these great businesses and blog contributors:

Renaissance Roofing

Henderer Design + Build

TnT Builders: Deck and Patio Cover Experts

Dec 5

Why Outdoor Living Doesn't Stop During Winter - A Guide to Fire Pits

Outdoor living doesn’t need to stop during winter. For the colder months, a fire pit can extend the enjoyment of your backyard. A cozy fire is just the thing to bring together the people you love for roasting marshmallows or creating a luxury environment for a party.

Bringing People Together

People love to gather around a fire. Instead of watching TV every night, fire pits are great for bringing the family together to make s’mores or roast hot dogs. And when the kids go to bed, fire pits are equally suited for romantic nights for two with a glass of wine.

A warm fire also becomes a focal point at gatherings and dinner parties for people to gather around to enjoy a warm drink and good conversation. A fire pit can even be the main reason people are invited to your home when you say, “Come on over, we’re lighting a fire tonight!” Add comfortable seating and you’ve got an event!

Style and Material

You can buy a ready made fire pit or you can build a fire pit yourself out of a variety of materials such as stone, brick, concrete, or metal. With a variety of styles and materials, you can pick the fire pit that best shows off your personality and your home. Keep in mind that heavier stone materials will last longer than lightweight metals.

An increasingly popular option is the fire table. A fіrе table іѕ like а patio table made out of metal, marble, tile, or stone, but wіth a submerged bowl in the center fоr уоur fіrе. Fire tables are a great option because they can be mobile, have surface space for drinks or plates of food, can be either wood burning or gas burning, and many convert to a full table for more surface area.

Gas vs Wood Burning

Wood burning fire pits will give off the most heat and can be used for cooking marshmallows or other BBQ foods. But wood fires can take a bit more effort to start and maintain, give off more irritating smoke, and flying sparks increase fire dangers.

Gas fire pits do not put out as much heat and are not recommended for cooking food, but start with the flick of a switch, which makes them easier to use. Gas fire pits also don’t give off irritating smoke or flying sparks, which makes them safer and more enjoyable. Natural gas fire pits are more expensive to install and cannot be moved, but are easier to maintain; propane fire pits are more mobile, but require propane tanks that can be hard to hide and will need to be refilled.

Safety First

Be sure safety is top of your list! Place your fire pit at lеаѕt tеn feet frоm уоur home, thrее tо fіvе feet frоm any furniture, and remember to look up! Keep a clearance of roughly 30 feet vertically to avoid accidents with low hanging trees or structures.

If using a wood fire pit, do not place it directly on a deck without a fireproof mat and use a spark arrestor or safety screen. Surround your fire pit with a non-combustible surface: dirt, paving stones, or concrete. And make sure to keep a container of water, a hose, or a fire extinguisher nearby whenever you light up the fire pit.

Tell us how you enjoy your outdoor living space during the winter months – post on our Facebook page!

Nov 6

Winterizing Your Deck

Winter is coming and it’s time to start thinking about how to maintain your deck before the cold & wet weather sets in.

The harsh winter season can take a toll on your deck, so if you want your investment to last, winterizing your deck is a must. Winterizing can be as simple as clearing and cleaning it; however if your deck is more than a few years old, it may require more attention.

Remove Planters and Furniture

Wash outdoor furniture and, if possible, store indoors to avoid leaving marks on the decking from rust or weathering.

If you can, remove all planters, pots, and containers. Moisture trapped between the deck and plastic, wood, or ceramic containers can encourage mildew, discoloration, or decay.

However, if that isn’t an option, rotate the pots on a regular basis and put them on “risers” of some sort. You can stop by the TnT office and pick up scraps of composite decking that works great for this purpose. These risers keep water from collecting under the planter and potentially damaging your decking as well as increasing air circulation around the base of the pot & the roots of any remaining plants.

Clear Debris

Sweep off leaves as soon as possible. Leaves can trap a lot of moisture on your deck and if left to decompose can leave stains or even start to rot your deck.

While sweeping, make sure you dislodge any debris in-between the boards. When boards are too close together or are packed with debris, you can end up with standing water which eventually leads to mold and rot damage.

Clear board gaps also promotes proper air circulation to make sure excess moisture isn’t trapped underneath your deck, helping keep mold and rot at bay.

Clean All Surfaces

Next, thoroughly clean the deck to remove slippery mold, mildew, and moss and prevent potential staining.

Power washing can restore the beauty of a well-used deck, but should be done with care. Pressure set too high can remove the finish or even scar wood.

The best thing to do is give your deck a good wash. Any kind of outdoor cleaner will do (we recommend Oxyclean or 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner). Spray it on, give it time to work its magic, give it a little scrub with a soft brush and rinse it off.

Inspect and Repair

Now that your deck is cleared and clean, this is a good time to inspect your deck and make sure you don’t have any sagging boards, loose railings, or rotting areas. It can be detrimental and hazardous to procrastinate repairing your deck. Make any necessary repairs before cold and wet conditions make your deck problems worse.

If you need deck repairs or replacement we’d be happy to help you out! Feel free to give us a call at 541-926-3117 or email us at

Feb 27

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TnT Builders wins 'Best of 2016' award for customer service!

Nov 9

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