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TnT has done 3 projects for us and we are totally thrilled with the results. They are great to followup and see that it is perfect! All materials that went into each project were top notch!

- Nona, Albany

Feb 2

TnT Builders Wins the 2016 Angie's List Super Service Award

We are incredibly excited to announce that we’ve won the 2016 Angie’s List Super Service Award! We work incredibly hard to make sure our customers are not only satisfied, but that they LOVE their new deck/patio cover and that they LOVE working with us! Thank you to everyone who gave us such glowing reviews!
Check out our Angie’s List Page.

Jan 4

Does Snow and Ice Damage Your Deck?

Does Snow and Ice Damage Your Deck?

When a winter storm hits and the snow starts falling on your deck, what are you supposed to do? You might be worried that large amounts of snow and ice collecting on your deck could possibly cause moisture or structural damage. However, improperly removing snow and ice from your deck can actually cause more harm than good. Needless or improper snow shoveling can leave your deck with costly scrapes or gouges. So when and how do you remove snow and ice from your deck or patio?

Do you really need to remove that snow and ice?

Don’t worry about moisture damage. While you may be worried that snow and ice can cause moisture damage, plastic and composite deck boards aren’t damaged by water. Cedar decks are also naturally resistant rotting and warping.

Don’t worry about your deck collapsing. Properly constructed decks are required to support more snow that most roofs, between 40 to 60 psf (pounds per square foot), and 3 feet of snow only weighs between 42 and 63 psf. Since most deck handrails are around 3 feet high, you don’t need to worry about snow weight unless you can no longer see your deck rails.

There are only two situations that require shoveling: When you need to create an exit route from your door, and when the snow gets higher than your deck rails.

Does and Don’ts of Removing Snow and Ice:

DO put safety first. Don’t go out onto your deck if you might get hurt by needlessly overexerting yourself in the cold or slipping on an icy surface. When there is thin layer of snow or ice on your deck, the best thing to do is to wait until it melts through the gaps in your decking.

DO clear the snow to provide an exit path from your house. You should always have two separate exit paths from your house for safety, and if your second exit is a deck covered in deep snow, then you should clear a path. But all you need clear is a path 3ft wide; no need to shovel the entire deck.

DON’T use a metal shovel. You might scratch your deck using a metal shovel, so instead, use a plastic or rubber blade shovel. If you have to use a metal shovel as your only option, leave a thin layer of snow on top rather than letting your metal shovel come in direct contact with the deck surface.

DO shovel parallel to your deck boards. Shoveling across (perpendicular) the boards increases the risk that your shovel will catch the edge of a board and damage the surface.

DO use a broom or leaf blower for light snow. If snow is fluffy and less than four inches deep, it’s easy to brush away with a simple broom rather than risking scratching your deck with a shovel. Or if you have one available, use a leaf blower.

DON’T shatter ice on your deck. Banging and chopping at ice on your deck can seriously hurt the deck boards with scratches and gouges, even if you’re using a plastic shovel.

DO use the right ice melting product for your deck type. Salt and calcium chloride are considered safe for composite decks like Timbertech and Trex. But with wood, you have to be careful when choosing an ice removal product. Check what products are safe for your material. However, do not use ice melting products on a deck that is above any landscaping as some of those products may kill plant life.

DON’T put sand on a wood deck. Some people use sand as an alternative to chemical ice melts for preventing slippage, but sand is an abrasive substance and can scratch the decking surface.

DO remove icicles that hang over your deck. Large icicles that form on your roof may fall onto your deck—and because they are sharp, they may damage wood.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to keep safe and avoid damaging your deck during the winter seasons so you can enjoy it worry free for years to come!

Jul 18

KidzShop Rulers - TnT Donates to School Supply Drive.

Albany Oregon Decking Company

A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped us in the month of June with our drive to donate 300 rulers to the Albany Altrusa Kidzshop & School Supply Backpacks. The rulers just arrived, and this morning out our safety meeting we took a look at them and of course posed for a photo! We’re excited to get to participate in filling these back packs with school supplies and making sure every kid goes to school fully prepared this fall!

Deck and Patio covers

Jul 5

Meet Amy! | Introducing the TnT Team

Not only do our customers get to know our carpenters while they’re working on their projects, they also spend a significant amount of time on the phone, over email and in person with our office staff. So we think it’s important you get to see their smiling faces too!
If you call our office chances are the first person you’ll chat with is our office manager Amy. Amy schedules most of our appointments, chats with clients about options and ideas and generally keeps all of us in the office on track. Amy started at TnT spring of 2016, She comes to us with an extensive background in customer service and fits so perfectly with our team that it feels like she’s been here years.

Amy and her husband Trevor have twin daughters age 9 who love to visit their mom at work and even more importantly Stella the office dog!

When she’s not at work Amy and her family love to explore Oregon – their favorite way to spend the weekend is finding new trails to hike.

I asked Amy what she enjoys most about TnT and she said: “I am blown away by the knowledge and experience the TnT team shares. I learn something new every day and seeing our customer’s outdoor living dreams come to life is so much fun!”

Jun 7

Help us Donate School Supplies

At TnT Builders we know that being able to measure is an important skill so we’re excited for the opportunity to donate rulers to Altrusa International of Albany Oregon’s KidzShop.
Kidzshop helps area students be prepared for the school year with new clothes, shoes and a backpack full of school supplies. So, for each new page ‘like’ TnT Builders receives on our Facebook Page in the month of June, we will donate a ruler to help fill the backpacks. 300 backpacks will be given out – Help us provide all 300 rulers! Please head over to our Facebook Page and give it a ‘Like’!

May 24

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Feb 1

TnT Builders wins 'Best of 2016' award for customer service!

Dec 8

We're Moving!!

Nov 9

Albany Oregon Deck & Patio Cover

Aug 26

Double Patio Cover with Outdoor Kitchen

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