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2017 Albany/Linn County Home and Garden Show

Come visit TnT Builders this weekend at the Albany/Linn County Home & Garden Show at the Linn County Fair & Expo Center! Click here to print free tickets for yourself, friends, and family!

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What Our Customers are Saying:

We love the patio cover and are very happy with the design and thankful for your input. Something smaller and less expensive would have worked, but what we have is fabulous, solid, stately. Well worth it.

Weiwei didn’t meet any of the guys, but she was impressed with how everything was cleaned up every day so that aside from seeing the work that was done, we couldn’t tell they had been here.

I was also very happy with everyone who was here and I felt totally confident in the lead builder on site. He was friendly and helpful and let me know what was going on whenever I asked. If I have to pay someone for working on our house, I’m happy to pay people who I like.

- Rob, Monmouth

The TnT Story

The red motorcycle that started it all for deck and patio builders Trish and Trent Irwin of TNT Builders in Albany, Oregon.Back in the 80’s, a girl named Trish left her hometown of Albany, Oregon and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. One day, Trish met a young man named Trent riding a bright red motorcycle – and a love story began….

During the day, Trent worked as a carpenter and Trish worked in an office, but in the evenings and weekends T&T traveled the southwest on that red motorcycle. Both had come from families that loved the outdoors and the southwest was the perfect playground for a young couple who loved being outside.

On a visit to Trish’s hometown, Trent found out that there were bigger fish in Oregon (literally) and within a few weeks that red motorcycle was in the back of a truck headed north. T&T settled in the Portland area and quickly found new jobs. Both returned to college, Trish got her degree and Trent took some drafting classes.

In 1995 those two crazy kids decided to start a business of their own – TnT Builders. Trent focused on production framing but never turned down an opportunity to build a deck after a house was framed.

During this same time, T&T had started a family. Babies were born so that red motorcycle got traded for a little red boat and then a big red boat. Houses were bought, remodeled and sold. Every house had one thing in common – a wonderful outdoor living space. Lots of great backyard BBQs occurred and many of T&T’s friends asked for help designing and building their own outdoor areas.

As the babies got older, T&T realized it was time to leave the big city and move down to the valley. T&T also recognized that their true passion wasn’t inside the house, it was on the outside. So, TnT Builders started focusing on outdoor living: building great decks and covers so that their clients could fall in love with their backyard all over again!

Today, those babies are helping out in the office and packing lumber as TnT has become the local expert on decks, pergolas, patio covers and other outdoor structures. T&T love the work they do and continue to be excited about every new chance to share with other families the happiness they’ve found right out their own back door! Click here to meet our team!