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TnT Builders Remodel

TnT Builders and the story of Trish and Trent has been a solid structure for many people for a long time, providing security, comfort, and a place to call home. But like many structures, it’s time for some repairs and unfortunately the structure we built just doesn’t fit for everyone anymore. So with a lot of thought and an immense amount of sadness, Trent and I have decided it’s time make a change…

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What Our Customers are Saying:

The inspector was impressed with a job well done and John & I are as well.
Thanks again for a job well done. Your crew is fantastic and work so well together. We enjoyed watching them.

- Jolene, Salem

Meet the TnT Team

Let’s work together to bring your outdoor living dreams to life! Meet the people who make it happen:

Trish Irwin, Owner

Trish oversees all the business related side of things. She has a lot of communication and interactions with clients throughout the entire process. From the first bid appointment to the final invoice and all the ideas and planning in between she’s a pro at walking you through your project. There are 3 other T’s (Tilly, Tess and Tai) that call Trish & Trent “mom and dad” On school holidays and over summer break it’s not unusual to find one of the mini T’s in the office helping out with the family business.

Trent Irwin, Owner

Trent is the brains of the construction side of things. Trent and our Project Manager Brent work closely together to plan out how to build your deck or patio cover and then Trent figures out all the parts and pieces we need to order for each project. Trent also spends a great deal of time out in the field, building and supervising projects to make sure they are built to his exacting standards. In his 30+ years in the industry Trent has encountered just about every project and problem you can imagine and has developed great techniques and specialized ways of doing things.

Brent M, Project Manager

Brent is originally from Pennsylvania. He met his wife in college and followed her back here to her home state of Oregon. Brent & Sarah have a son named Levi. Brent is an experienced carpenter who joined the TnT office team as our Project Manager. Our customers communicate with Brent quite a bit when it comes to the schedule and planning of their projects. He draws up all the plans for our projects and works with the various jurisdictions to obtain permits for our projects as well as coordinating all the sub contractors for our projects.

Amy S, Office Manager

Amy is often the first point of contact for customers. As our office manager she schedules a lot of our appointments, chats with clients about options and ideas and generally keeps all of us in the office on track. Amy and her husband Trevor have twin daughters age 9 who love to visit their mom at work and even more importantly Stella the office dog! Amy is the newest addition to our office staff and comes to us with with an extensive background in customer service.

Joel V, Marketing Coordinator

Joel joined TnT in 2016 as our Marketing Coordinator overseeing our online presence with Facebook, newsletters, and blogs as well as our community presences with advertising, home shows, and special events. He has construction experience as a landscaper, framer, and cabinet maker as well as working with churches and community non-profits. Joel and his wife, Brenna, have been married for 15 years and have two girls, Sarah and Claire. When he’s not working, Joel loves BBQ’ing on his Traeger, going to McMenamins Edgefield, and listening to the Foo Fighters.

Darcy J, Sales Production Liaison

Darcy joins our team with over 20 years of experience in the building materials industry and a strong background in construction & contractor customer service. She has special knowledge in composite decking and railing products giving her a wealth of knowledge to share with our customers and staff. Here at TnT she will be managing our inventory, helping with estimates and ordering, and acting as the link between all the departments here in the office so we make sure everything is flowing smoothly. Darcy and her husband Steve enjoy spending time with their cats and grandkids and traveling to Las Vegas any chance they get!

Ronnie H, Lead Carpenter

Ronnie came onto our crew in the summer of 2015. He has been in the construction industry for the past 13 years, in fact his very first job was in construction! Ronnie’s favorite thing to build here at TnT are decks. When he’s not building custom decks and patio covers here at TnT he enjoys hanging out with his girlfriend and their 5 year old son.

Luddly T, Lead Carpenter

Luddly joined the TnT Team the summer of 2015. He has over 29 years of construction experience under his belt, starting with his very first job as a teenager – building houses with his dad. Most recently he was a flooring installer before we snatched him up! Luddly is incredibly crafty with wood and is always impressing us with his latest projects! On the weekends he loves spending time with his friends and family.

Chris S, Lead Carpenter

Chris came into the TnT Family in September 2015. While he has 8 years of experience in the construction industry, prior to coming to TnT he was most recently an Xray tech doing non-destructive ultrasonic testing of metals. Chris is originally from Washington, but met his wife here and decided to stick around! The two of them have a couple of sweet dogs.

Kyle H, Carpenter

Bio coming soon.

Stella I, Official Mascot

Albany Oregon Deck Companies
What can we say about Stella?! If you’ve stopped by our offices chances are you’ve met this sweet girl. Stella has kind of a fun history. Her mother was a rescue dog being flown from Hawaii to Oregon, no one knew she was pregnant when the plane took off and to everyone’s surprise when the plane landed there was a mom and a litter of puppies on board. Stella was one of those puppies! While the rest of us are working, Stella spends a good majority of the day snoring loudly and rubbing in the fact that she’s the only one with a bed in the office.